Issue Vol. 7 (1996) No. 2

Symposium : The Dayton Agreements: A Breakthrough for Peace and Justice?

  • Paola Gaeta,
    The Dayton Agreements and International Law (free fulltext)
  • Niccoló Figà-Talamanca,
    The Role of NATO in the Peace Agreement for Bosnia and Herzegovina (free fulltext)
  • Sienho Yee,
    The New Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina (free fulltext)
  • Elizabeth Andersen,
    The Role of Asylum States in Promoting Safe and Peaceful Repatriation under the Dayton Agreements (free fulltext)
  • James Slaon,
    The Dayton Peace Agreement: Human Rights Guarantees and their Implementation (free fulltext)

Symposium : The Dayton Agreements: A Breakthrough for Peace and Justice?

  • John R.W.D. Jones,
    The Implications of the Peace Agreement for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (free fulltext)

Symposium : The International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia Comes of Age

  • Jose E. Alvarez,
    Nuremberg Revisited: The Tadic Case (free fulltext)
  • Christoper Greenwood,
    International Humanitarian Law and the Tadic Case (free fulltext)
  • Rafaëlle Maison,
    La decision de la Chambre de premiere instance n{degrees} I du Tribunal penal international pour l'ex-Yougoslavie dans l'affaire Nikolic (free fulltext)

The International Practice of the European Communities : Current Survey

  • Edwin Vermuslt, Bart Driessen,
    Commercial Defence Actions and Other International Trade Developments in the European Communities X: 1 January 1,995 - 31 December 1995 (free fulltext)
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