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Welcome to the website of one of the world’s leading international law journals. The EJIL was established in 1990 by a small group of scholars based at the European University Institute, the Universities of Florence, Munich and Paris II and the Michigan Law School. The Journal has grown since then in size, strength and reputation, but the Editors’ original vision remains unchanged. About the EJIL


  • 10-10-2016

    EJIL: Live! is the official podcast of the European Journal of International Law. Video episodes feature an in-depth discussion with one of the authors whose article appears in the issue. In the latest episode, EJIL's Editor-in-Chief, Professor Joseph Weiler, speaks with Karen Alter, Professor of Political Science and Law at Northwestern University, about the article she co-authored with James T. Gathii and Laurence R. Helfer, “Backlash against International Courts in West, East and Southern Africa: Causes and Consequences”.

In The Current Issue: Vol. 27 (2016) No. 3


  • JHHW,
    Continent in Crisis; There is Chutzpah and Then There is David Cameron; On My Way Out - Advice to Young Scholars III: Edited Books; From the Editors Mailbag; Conflicts of Interest in the Editorial Process; In this Issue (free fulltext)


  • Turkuler Isiksel,
    European Exceptionalism and the EUs Accession to the ECHR (abstract)
  • Nora Markard,
    The Right to Leave by Sea: Legal Limits on EU Migration Control by Third Countries (abstract)
  • Michal Saliternik,
    Perpetuating Democratic Peace: Procedural Justice in Peace Negotiations (abstract)
  • Armin Steinbach,
    The Trend towards Non-Consensualism in Public International Law: A (Behavioural) Law and Economics Perspective (abstract)
  • Daniel Augenstein,
    Paradise Lost: Sovereign State Interest, Global Resource Exploitation and the Politics of Human Rights (abstract)

New Voices: A Selection from the Fourth Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law

Roaming Charges

  • Roaming Charges: Places of Strife: The Graffiti Wall by Tahrir Square, Cairo (free fulltext)

Critical Review of International Jurisprudence

  • Miles Jackson,
    Freeing Soering: The ECHR, State Complicity in Torture and Jurisdiction (abstract)

Review Essay

  • Ingo Venzke,
    Cracking the Frame? On the Prospects of Change in a World of Struggle (abstract)


Book Reviews

  • Jürgen Kurtz. The WTO and International Investment Law: Converging Systems (Rhea T. Hoffmann)
  • Serena K. Sharma, Jennifer M. Welsh (eds). Serena K. Sharma and Jennifer M. Welsh (eds). The Responsibility to Prevent: Overcoming the Challenges to Atrocity Prevention (Heidarali Teimouri)

The Last Page

  • Stewart Manley,
    Scenes from a Failed Revolution (free fulltext)