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  • 21-03-2016

    In our latest EJIL: Live! episode Professor Weiler speaks with Professor Yishai Beer from the Radzyner School of Law in Israel, about his provocative and controversial article, "Humanity Considerations Cannot Reduce War’s Hazards Alone: Revitalizing the Concept of Military Necessity”, which appears in EJIL, Volume 26, Issue 4.

  • 25-09-2015

    The EJIL: Live Extras series comprises short video conversations with leading international law scholars. In our latest EJIL: Live Extra! our Editor-in-Chief Professor Joseph Weiler asks Professor Martti Koskenniemi whether the world of blogging and tweeting has become integral to academic life today.

  • 17-09-2015

    In this EJIL: Live Extra! our Editor-in-Chief Professor Joseph Weiler asks Professor Hilary Charlesworth of the Australian National University whether feminist theory in international law has now become mainstream.

In The Current Issue: Vol. 27 (2016) No. 2


  • JHHW,
    One Swallow Does Not a Summer Make, but Might the Paris Agreement on Climate Change a Better Future Create?; EJIL on Your Tablet or Smartphone; In this Issue (free fulltext)


The European Tradition in International Law: James Lorimer

Roaming Charges

  • Roaming Charges: Moments of Dignity: Pupils at the Jean Paul II High School, Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya (free fulltext)

Critical Review of International Jurisprudence

Review Essay

Book Reviews

  • André Nollkaemper, Dov Jacobs (eds). Distribution of Responsibilities in International Law (Jan Klabbers)
  • Steffen Hindelang, Markus Krawewski (eds). Shifting Paradigms in International Investment Law: More Balanced, Less Isolated, Increasingly Diversified (Niccolò Ridi)

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