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Welcome to the website of one of the world’s leading international law journals. The EJIL was established in 1990 by a small group of scholars based at the European University Institute, the Universities of Florence, Munich and Paris II and the Michigan Law School. The Journal has grown since then in size, strength and reputation, but the Editors’ original vision remains unchanged. About the EJIL


  • 12-09-2014

    The second episode of EJIL: Live! is now online, featuring an interview between EJIL's Editor-in-Chief, Joseph H. H. Weiler, and Oliver Diggelmann (University of Zurich) and Tilmann Altwicker (University of Basel), whose article "How is Progress Constructed in International Legal Scholarship?", appears in Vol. 25, Issue 2 of EJIL.

  • 13-05-2014

    Announcing EJIL: Live! The Editorial Board of the European Journal of International Law is delighted to announce the launch of the Journal’s official podcast, EJIL: Live! Regular episodes of EJIL: Live! will be released in both video and audio formats to coincide with the publication of each issue of the Journal, and will include a wide variety of news, reviews, and interviews with the authors of articles appearing in that issue. Additional, special episodes will also be released from time to time to address a range of topical issues. Stay tuned in with EJIL: Live!

In The Current Issue: Vol. 25 (2014) No. 2


  • JHHW,
    Fateful Elections? Investing in the Future of Europe; Masthead Changes; In this Issue (free fulltext)


New Voices: A Selection from the Second Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law

Roaming Charges

  • Roaming Charges: Places of Social and Financial Crisis: Dublin 2014 (free fulltext)

EJIL : Debate!

  • László Blutman,
    Conceptual Confusion and Methodological Deficiencies: Some Ways that Theories on Customary International Law Fail (abstract)
  • Andrew T. Guzman, Jerome Hsiang,
    Some Ways that Theories on Customary International Law Fail: A Reply to Laszlo Blutman (abstract)

Critical Review of International Jurisprudence

Critical Review of International Governance

Book Reviews

Briefly Noted

  • Kevin Jon Heller, Gerry Simpson (eds). Kevin Jon Heller and Gerry Simpson (eds). The Hidden Histories of War Crimes Trials (Milan Kuhli)

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