Book reviews

  • Orakhelashvili, Alexander;
    Ruiz Fabri, Hélène; Jouannet, Emmanuelle; Tomkiewicz (eds), Vincent; Select Proceedings of the European Society of International Law. Volume 1, 2006 (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 20 (2009) No. 3]
  • Bennoune, Karima;
    Alston (ed.), Philip; Peoples' Rights: The State of the Art McCorquodale (ed.), Robert; Self-Determination in International Law (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 14 (2003) No. 2]
  • Teimouri, Heidarali;
    Sharma, Serena K.; Welsh (eds), Jennifer M.; Serena K. Sharma and Jennifer M. Welsh (eds). The Responsibility to Prevent: Overcoming the Challenges to Atrocity Prevention (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 27 (2016) No. 3]
  • Pearson, Zoe;
    Anna-Karin Lindblom. Non-Governmental Organizations in International Law Sergey Ripinsky and Peter Van den Bossche. NGO Involvement in International Organizations Anton Vedder (ed.). NGO Involvement in International Governance and Policy: Sources of Legitimacy Pierre-Marie Dupuy and Luisa Vierucci (eds). NGOs in International Law: Efficiency in Flexibility? (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 20 (2009) No. 4]
  • Stemmet, Andre;
    Scharf, Michael P.; Williams, Paul R.; Shaping Foreign Policy in Times of Crisis: the Role of International Law and the State Department Legal Adviser (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 22 (2011) No. 4]
  • Laukamp, Luis Castellví;
    Fontanelli, Filippo; Martinico, Giuseppe; Carrozza (eds), Paolo; Shaping Rule of Law Through Dialogue. International and Supranational Experiences (free fulltext)
    [Vol. 22 (2011) No. 1]
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